Participate $ 50 USD and
Receives up to $ 878, 925 USD

System is now upgrade and we uploaded the new order in the certificate. This is a "Sponsor" order. You must have to fill the "Sponsor email" box when registering. It is neccessary to know the email of the person who invited you so that the $10 "Sponsor Incentive" will be credit to him or her as your sponsor. All members has an opportunity to sponsor or invite people to join our Global Program and avail the $10 Sponsor Incentive every invite. The $10 Sponsor Incentive will still be credit to the "sponsor" even if her/his name in the certificate that the applicant filled up is not in the list becuase may be his/her name is already graduated in that particular certificate. Still $50 is the minimum participation for every applicant. The order in level 1 to level 7 now become $5 as will as the GM order. Only the sponsor order is $10.  
Hope this upgraded system give as an appreciation to all members specially those who are working hard to invite people everyday to join our Global Program.
Thank you very much members.